Will you just shut up and get to the screenshots already?!?!

I have struggled with two things while creating this blog.  The first thing I have struggled with is just posting on a semi-regular basis…  I’ll mean to post something and even have ideas, but then I’ll get sidetracked and put it off for a day (or a week).  Another thing I tend to run into is having an idea of something I want to write and  just before I write it, I see someone else posting almost the exact thing I was thinking so I just drop that idea altogether.

The other problem I tend to have is the dreaded Wall of Text… I don’t always have screenshots handy when I’m typing up an article on an iPad (which is a very unique experience I highly recommend you try at least once).  I also tend to run in to issues actually having relevant screenshots anyways.  I tend to get involved in whatever game I am playing and I don’t even think to hit the Print Screen key often enough for it to matter.

I have been trying to remember to look for a tool that will help me and ran across this post by Valerian.  So I grabbed Chronolapse and with just a couple small tweaks to the default settings I have been collecting screenshot upon screenshot upon screenshot.  Only issue I have is remembering to stop the autocapture before I have  a bunch of screenshots just of my desktop.

So for your viewing pleasure, here’s a bunch of random screenshots jumbled together.  I’d try to make up an interesting title like FrankenScreenshots, but then Massively would likely love the idea and call it BlenderizedScreenshots.  I’m just a wee little blog, so I’m sure it’s just a coincidence… it’s not like anyone talked about this idea to a bunch of people or anything.

I’m really not cranky about it and I could be completely wrong.  On the offhand chance that I AM right however… would’ve been nice to throw a little blogger a bone link.  A link on Massively’s website… oh the traffic I would see…. on second thought… maybe I really don’t want that kind of attention just yet.  I’m lying… I want the attention.  Ok, somehow a screenshot heavy post turned into a wall of yammering.  Screenshots are go!

Secret World Beta

Yeah… skimpy armor is one thing, but just forgetting to button your shirt?

Creepy looking dude…

Matrix creepy dude… ok, let’s just play the game.

Topless creepy guy?!?! Ok, maybe I should have played the girl after all!

Puppet guy was a good time. Crazy as hell!

Almost felt like Left 4 Dead MMO Edition. Big guy was cool looking though!

Could you please get your Bioshock out of my Secret World?

I know that not all women in a game world have to be half naked and hot… but do we really need to model NPCs after women seen on PeopleOfWalmart.com?!

Guild Wars

Little bit of Guild Wars PVP – Look so much better in Avatar for than in my dress robes…

Yeah.. I’m not so hot at PVP… but at least I took them with me and got the capture!

Hmmmm… dead again… go figure.

Winning! = less times I have to run this for the skill I want to buy!

Mass Effect 2

Ya’ll kill them yet while I hide here in my cool medieval armor?

Double your refreshment, Double your enjoyment… oh just shoot them in the vaguely head-like area and move on!

T-100 really has been eating his Wheaties!

Hey… you think he saw me?

Yes Harbinger, run away like a scared little girl…

Only thing that would have made this better is if the Shep would have mooned him!  Or shown him that he’s number one… 

I didn’t realize Shep was soooo smooth. I guess you have to be a Jack of All Trades to save the universe…


One response to “Will you just shut up and get to the screenshots already?!?!

  1. Oh sweet, ill have to look into this. I’m in the middle of starting up my own blog and am having the same problem with no screenshots for the post.

    Also yaay jade quarry haha.

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