So close, but so far away….

When it comes to Guild Wars, there’s one thing I hate more than anything else… and not being able to jump is a close number 2…

NO AUCTION HOUSE…. <rage>  I am currently extremely close to getting 30/50 on my Hall of Monuments… I literally just need a few armors and a Destroyer weapon.  In between farming the final materials for my Destroyer weapon, I’m trying like heck to sell off all of the stacks of crap I have accumulated in my bags.

I could just go dump it all on the Material Trader, but in many cases would be getting far less than they are worth.  So if anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting in Kamadan selling off stacks of Iron, Wood, Bone, Alchohol and sweets… hopefully it’s a good night and people are in the buying mood!

I didn’t bother with screenshots from today’s playtime since it’s all been the same… inventory open, trade chat up, rear end of character at all times.  Come on Guild Wars 2 and your real Auction House!


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