Thoughts on Guild Wars and the Hall of Monuments now that I’m “Done”

After dragging my feet for the last couple of HoM points, I sold off  almost everything I had of value to make the final push for 30/50 last night.  I kept almost logging off to go to bed but then someone would respond to buy something or post in trade that they wanted something I had… needless to say, I sold the last items I need to go over the top to a character by the name of Armen The Guide.  He made my night so much that I dumped a few random odds and ends I had on my that I wouldn’t be needing anymore.  I dashed over to get my Destroyer weapon created, and then trimphantly strolled into my Hall of Monuments to place the final weapon on the stand.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so accomplished for playing a game… and this is one of the huge successes that ArenaNet has made.  I think the Hall of Monuments is pure genius on ArenaNet’s part.  Reward the hell out of your existing player base and try to give them a good incentive to buy your new game.  I also have to give them serious credit for not using this as a cash grab to entice people to buy the transmutations for the HoM weapons.  I just read the other day that they will be free to transmute but they’re still working on exactly how that will work.

It also has massively increased the number of people logging in to Guild Wars numero uno.  I have all of the expansion packs for Guild Wars but barely played more than a few missions of each.  The idea of the game always appealed to me, but the learning curse after a few missions would always piss me off and I’d bail.

My biggest criticism for this game is that without reading the wiki (and I mean really digging in to it) it’s really easy to have a completely awful build or just completely not know that you can upgrade weapons or armor in certain ways.  I’m really hoping that they fix this as much as possible in Guild Wars Part Duex.  I’ve always hated that for many MMO’s you have to constantly alt-tab out to a wiki to have an real clue on what you should be doing.

The mood in Guild Wars is certainly exciting… everyone is trying to get the last few points for either 30/50, 50/50 or some other random stopping point they have decided on.  There are many stories of people logging in and dumping all of their accumulated wealth on random bystanders or guildmates.  I know that the original Guild Wars will stick around for a bit, but many people (myself included) don’t expect to play the orignal very much in the coming future.  The closest thing I can associate it to is being on a server at the very end right before they pull the plug on a title.

I plan on logging in to Guild Wars just prior to Head Start and maybe even before the proper launch just to see if anything crazy is going on… I fully expect something exciting to happen, but I guess we’ll see.


To anyone that is still listening…..

I got 30/50!!!!!



On that note, it’s almost 2AM here and I need to be up in a few hours for work.  I know I have been slacking on the posts, but partly that is because I’ve been kind of bored with the games I have been playing… Guild Wars… grind to 30/50 took forever and a few times I almost gave up.  Star Trek Online?  When they said that small Fleets wouldn’t be at a disadvantage… they lied.  Grinding Fleet Marks and committing all of my duty officers to the dark pit that is our Starbase… How do they honestly expect a smallish fleet to really compete?  Oh well, time for bed… at least I met my 30/50 goal finally!  Now if I can just make my “post semi-regularly, and not just once a month” goal………