Putting this Starbase Together with My Bare Replicator

When Star Trek Online was announced I followed it very closely.  When Perpetual went the way of the whales I thought a probe had wiped all traces of a Star Trek MMO from our little world for good.  Once Cryptic picked up the rights, I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to play in my favorite fictional universe (no pun intended).

It was just a few months before I got married and I decided to purchase a lifetime membership, partly just so I didn’t have to worry about paying a subscription that could be considered “extraneous” expenses that could be cut from the budget.  This was prior to having a shared bank account with my wife, so it was quite easy to slide this purchase through.

I know a lot of people were scared when STO announced that it was going Free 2 Play but I was actually excited.  I knew I would get “free” points every month to buy what I wanted without necessarily paying anything at all.  I have tossed my share of cash in for extra C-Points (or Zen after Thursday) but it is a nice surprise when my total goes up on a monthly basis.

I’m looking forward to starbases

I can’t wait for Starbases

Are the Starbases here yet?!?!?!?!!?

While testing Starbases on Tribble I found that the large fleet I was part of wasn’t going to cut it.  While we were getting all of the donations we needed for the next tiers very quickly, it was all being donated by the same one or two people.  I haven’t played much in several months and never really got to know any of the people in the fleet so I decided to break my ties and start hunting for a new fleet.

I hate finding new fleets/guilds.  There is usually an existing group of people that you have to get to know or fit in with.  All of the established guys that group together.  There’s already a go-to person for everything and you just end up hanging on and almost mooching off of what is already in place.  I didn’t want that, especially when Season 6 drops.  I want to feel like I helped to make our Starbase. Even if it isn’t “easy” and takes some time, I want to feel like it wouldn’t have happened without my help.

So after hunting around on the forums and talking to a few different guilds, I found a newly formed guild to join.  Starfleet Temporal Investigations Agency is still small but we’re growing.  I really like the excitement and energy I am seeing just in the first few weeks of our existence.  I think that the launch of Season 6 is going to be an exciting time for us and can’t wait to see what the future seasons bring us.

Annoyed with your current Fleet’s crazy rank structure?  Sick of feeling like Drone 373 of 498?  Joining a new fleet is one of the more exciting things I have done in a long time and I highly recommend you give it a try yourself.  If you’re interested in joining us, check out our site. 

If you need a laugh, check out our recruitment thread on the STO Forums. 

Need some good BBQ, check out this place.  

Need a good blog that isn’t mine to read?  Try this one or this one or dat one.

Need something not listed above?  Sorry, can’t help you… I’ve exhausted my quota of links.


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