To anyone that is still listening…..

I got 30/50!!!!!



On that note, it’s almost 2AM here and I need to be up in a few hours for work.  I know I have been slacking on the posts, but partly that is because I’ve been kind of bored with the games I have been playing… Guild Wars… grind to 30/50 took forever and a few times I almost gave up.  Star Trek Online?  When they said that small Fleets wouldn’t be at a disadvantage… they lied.  Grinding Fleet Marks and committing all of my duty officers to the dark pit that is our Starbase… How do they honestly expect a smallish fleet to really compete?  Oh well, time for bed… at least I met my 30/50 goal finally!  Now if I can just make my “post semi-regularly, and not just once a month” goal………


One response to “To anyone that is still listening…..

  1. Congrats! Someday, I hope to get my HoM up there, and I’m glad ANet is making it much easier to do so in GW. Post GW2 release, my guess is they’ll make it even easier. I don’t think Guild Wars is going anywhere and is far from closing down. In fact, I’d put money on a surge of new GW players post GW2 launch. 🙂

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