Things to Do When the Video Card Dies

No, my video card is just fine.  If it wasn’t you’d be able to hear my wails of pain from halfway around the world (which a couple of you are it seems!)  This little corner of my blog will be a semi-maybe-once-in-awhile-reoccurring topic where I review things outside the world of video games.  Well, some of them will be video game related, but it’s not actually playing the game so give me a break.  So without further rambling I present “Things to do when you can’t actually game whether it be from video card deaths, or even just the dreaded 8-5.”  **[See, my first title was much shorter!]**

I’m a bit of a podcast junkie and listen to roughly a dozen podcasts regularly with a few others that I’ll catch an episode or two here and there.  Like everything else in my life it seems I have a rolling backlog but I try to keep up… honest.  The podcast that I’ll discuss/review/heavily criticize this week will be further shameless self-promoting… but if you’re reading this, I don’t know how I’d be promoting my own blog by talking about my own blog in an article about a podcast.  (If that made your brain hurt than good.  Writing it made my brain not so happy either and I’m okay with making others share my pain)

Anyways, back on topic.  This week’s podcast that I listen to in the car or at work when I’m able to do mindless enough things that I can actually pay attention IS…. Too Long; Didn’t Listen!

The podcast is hosted by Dodge and Syp (Justin) who do a really good job discussing two topics per show pertaining to the MMO industry in general.  I listen to a couple other podcasts that Dodge is part of and also read Syp’s columns on Massively and his blog BioBreak.  It’s always interesting to read other people’s thoughts and also listen to discussions they have with their co-hosts.  These two definitely don’t disappoint and are one of the few podcasts not based on a specific game that I always make sure to catch.

Since I have a large amount of podcasts that I listen to regularly, the fact that their shows are only around 40 minutes is generally a good length for a podcast.  Short enough to not take forever to listen to, while being long enough for them to cover topics in a fairly thorough manner.

They are always asking for their listeners to send in topics, so I sent them a link to my article a couple weeks ago about the FrankenMMO challenge just to see what they thought.  I’m pleased to say that they didn’t utterly hate my idea and featured it as one of the questions in yesterday’s show.  Needless to say, I was slightly nerdcited to listen to their thoughts and maybe even a little bit of praise for this here blog writer (woot!)

Anyways, check it out.  It’s always a fun listen and they are two fairly goofy guys so it doesn’t seem to ever turn in to a rant-fest like some podcasts sometimes do.

If you are looking for something slightly more Rant filled… or even just a little on the sarcastic side check out Riknas Rants.  This is a fairly new blog but I’ve laughed more than a few times reading the most recent few posts that he has.  Also the blog seems to be less about a specific game and more about the MMO industry in general.  Translation:  Not just another blog gushing about GW2!

Wait a second… I’ve gushed about GW2 a few times… great… now I’m just attacking myself.  Fantastic.  Well, time to go and see if I can make some progress towards the last few Hall of Monuments points I need… the last few are by far the most painful and definitely EXPENSIVE!


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