Thanks to the Sypster

It has been a busy busy weekend for me.  I was blessed to be invited to be part of the wedding party for one of my oldest friends.  Let me rephrase that…  he’s not an old guy or anything like that.  We have managed to be friends for roughly 28 years and we are both 32.  So he’s put up with my shennanigans for a very long time.  So I came home and decided to catch up on my Google Reader feed… until I realized that I have added a bunch of NBI blogs over the past month and ya’ll went post crazy so I quickly scrapped that idea.

So sitting here, slightlyish hung over and very tired from the long day yesterday I toyed with the idea of posting an article and quickly scraped that idea as well… that is until I saw a comment elsewhere that made me realize that Mr Syp (hehe) had nominated this blog as most humerous blog as part of his NBI Awards!

Holy crap that’s cool.  Now I know my readership isn’t super high yet, especially since I took a slackhiatus from posting for a week in the middle of NBI so I have no illusions about actually winning.  And to be quite honest, I think that all of the other nominated blogs are far more amusing than my own.  I was just honored to be nominated and very grateful for the nod at all.

I wanted to thank Syp publicly for all he has done (well, as publicly as my little blog is at the moment).  I was first exposed to Syp when he was a guest on Casual Stroll to Mordor and continued to listen to him when he joined forces with Dodge to make the Too Long Didn’t Listen Podcast.  They are both some of the most entertaining podcasters that I regularly listen to and if you haven’t listened to the podcast, I HIGHLY recommend you give it a listen.

When Syp posted the original NBI recruitment post, I thought it would be fun, but I also wasn’t sure if  I wanted to put myself out there.  I have wanted to start a blog on several occasions, mostly to help hone my writing skills.  I’m a bit of a loner when it comes to MMO’s and while I might visit sites on a regular basis I rarely comment or make my presence known.  I have been trying to break myself of this even before I started blogging but I thought that starting a blog might be the way to force me outside of my protective bubble just a little bit.

If Syp hadn’t spearheaded this Initiative I don’t think I would have ever started on my own.  Having established blogs and other fellow bloggers to spread traffic around has been a fantastic thing.  The first few posts were so difficult to get out since I would look at my stats and see readers in the single digits.  But once the ball got rolling, I would post and hit double digits within minutes.  It is a great feeling and I’m hoping that I am able to stick with it.  Regardless of whether I manage to hang or not, I think that there are many more fabulous blogs now going and the little community we have started growing is amazing.  I can’t wait to see what else everyone posts and am looking forward to getting to know some of you better.

Once again Syp, Thank you very much for leading the charge and helping to organize this Initiative.  It has been a wonderful thing for myself and the entire gaming blogger community.


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