Time to play me some lottery!

I love winning things. Who doesn’t? If you go to either DDO or LOTRO’s websites, there are lottery widgets that you can use to enter frequent lotteries and win things. Simple as that. Some of the things you win are items that are only available in the store and other items that are obtainable and useful in game.

I haven’t logged in to actually play LOTRO in probably about a month. I just haven’t been motivated to slog through Moria on my Captain anymore, especially since I heard about the planned revamp coming with Update 7. Now notice I said that I haven’t logged in to actually play in about a month. I’ve still logged in at least once a week to collect and lottery winnings on my characters. So for effectively nothing, Turbine has “convinced” me to log in to two games at least once a week.

So not I have started wondering why more companies don’t pillage this idea and use it themselves. Sure it might cost a little bit to develop, but for the F2P market, getting people to login is half the battle. Once they have logged in, there’s a good chance that they might play “just one mission” or start talking to a friend in their guild.

So what about it Cryptic? How about making that system in STO and calling it “Replicator Accidents” and have the replicator make some oddball console or even a Lobi crystal or a Lockbox key. Fan goodwill, check. Pretty darn cheap to make, check. Encourage people to login which is the biggest goal in a F2P game, check.

Just don’t put Lockboxes in the Lotteries… I have plenty already, thanks.


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