<Insert Diablo 3 Rant Here>

Ok, it’s time for a mini-rant.  And this isn’t going to be about the fact that the servers don’t work and I can barely play without getting kicked off.  

This is about the lack of built-in voice chat.  They’ve had it “working”  in WoW for years now.  It may not be the best voice chat around but it is much more convenient than Skype, Ventrillo or Mumble, especially when playing in a public game.  I don’t want Mr. AzzHat-L33T-McGee to have my Skype info and I don’t currently have a rented Vent or Mumble server of my own to use.  Text chat is a pain and I’l rather keep my hand on my mouse to avoid avoiding carpal tunnel!  

So let me get this straight Blizzard, You want me to deal with always-on DRM that causes me to have to replay entire levels again because you didn’t know Diable 3 was going to be this big… and you can’t even do us a solid by including voice chat?

/Gets off soapbox and returns to D3




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