Is it time to settle down with a game?

I came to the realization last night that I don’t really have any MMO Friends much anymore and I think I need to do something about it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a member of several guilds in several games.  The problem I find is that I have too many games and not enough time to really invest in any of them for more than a month or two at a time.  Currently, I’m playing a lot of Guild Wars, but that means I’ve only logged in to STO once in the past week and that was to get screenshots for a previous article.

So now I’m getting to know a few people in the Guild Wars guild I am in, but that means I’m not talking to anyone in my STO fleet or certainly not in my LOTRO guild.  I also have this aversion to taking handouts.  If it’s in the game, I usually will either get it myself or just not have it.  There are some very friendly people in the the guilds I am a member of.  I just have a hard time asking for things or even accepting help when it’s offered.

There’s one guy in my LOTRO guild that was actually the reason I joined the guild in the first place.  He offers help to me all the time and once in awhile he’ll run past me in-game and we’ll team up for a bit.  I just have a really hard time saying “Hey, drop everything and come give me a hand.  I could do this myself but it’ll be faster/easier with you helping as well.”

As I think about it though, some people enjoy being helpful.  I actually have really enjoyed the times that I’ve stopped to help someone with a quest or gone to help a friend or member of my guild out.

I’ve come to decide that maybe in the long run I’m actually hurting myself.  By not accepting help or even just trying to find people of similar level to run with, I’m not actively making ties to anyone.  Maybe having a few ties in a game would increase my enjoyment and decrease the inevitable burn-out I suffer with a game.  I always tend to come back to them for various reasons, but after a few months I might as well be a new member to the guild in some games.

I encourage you to take a moment to think about your gaming habits as well.  For me, it has been interesting to examine my gaming habits and the really interesting part will be to see if I can change them… <holds breath>


2 responses to “Is it time to settle down with a game?

  1. You may want to consider that your company is better for some people than playing alone. It may be the case with your helping friend. If it helps, change the wording in a way that you offer an escape: “Hi, in the middle of something, or wanna group?” He can always tell you that he is occupied atm.
    But they don’t do that very often. 😀

  2. Good point… my fear is that I’ll turn into the annoying guy… everyone’s had one. Help a guy out with one hard quest and suddenly he’s PMing you 5 seconds BEFORE you login. I don’t always want to have to play at someone else’s pace and have started avoiding playing characters who got too many PM’s… yeah, I get anti-social sometimes.

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