Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event Impressions

Everyone else is taking time to post their thought so might as well do what all the cool kids are doing!

I didn’t get as much time to play the Guild Wars 2 Beta as I would have liked.  What I did get to play was a ton of fun.  The classes that I dabbled with all seemed to be very different and I know it will be difficult for me to choose just one (and an alt or 4).    So ultimately with the little time I had to play this weekend, am I still happy that I pre-ordered?

Things I’m excited about:

  • I really see this as a game that will suck me in and the completionist in me will go nuts.
  • Graphics are really fantastic on my desktop but if lowered to their lowest settings will be playable on my laptop.  This is a must for a game right now to really draw me in so I can play on the couch from time to time and get credit in the “hanging with wife” account while still gaming!
  • Charr look cool and I love the running on all fours animation.  Sick of playing standard humans or pointy eared humans (Elves and/or Vulcans)
  • Loved the way that quests are somewhat hidden.  No quest log, just bring up your map and look for something to do.
  • With an exception or two the Cash Shop appears to be all cosmetics that I could care less about really, so cheaper for me!
  • Buy the box and no subscription!  Can’t stress enough how much I enjoy not having to pay a subscription every month.

Things that concern me

  • When the early zone’s populations inevitably thin out will the Events be as much fun or even doable solo?
  • One of the big things that the Devs talked about was having skills that played off each other.  Maybe it was just the crazy hectic nature of 40 players all jammed into one location but I wasn’t able to easily recognize any combinations.
  • Slightly worried about content.  I haven’t heard how often a new expansion pack will come out.  If they stick to the original Guild Wars method of a new campaign every year or so that would be enough.  Not a huge worry but I am curious to see if there’s info I’ve missed.
  • Mystic Lock Boxes.  Gah…. does every Free or Semi-Free game have to have these now.  I’m still a little cranky about the lock boxes in Star Trek Online so maybe I’ll get over this as well.  Will partly depend on what is in the loot table for the boxes I guess.


If anything, the Beta Weekend has gotten me even more excited for Guild Wars 2 to launch.  I have since started back up with the original Guild Wars to try to get 30/50 in my Hall of Monuments.  Some of the rewards just look so cool I can’t resist!


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