Current Nerd Time

So periodically I will post what I’m playing just to either give you ideas of something you should try.. or to embarrass myself with my gaming ADHD…

Star Trek Online

  • Max-level well geared Science Liberated Borg Captain

  • Newly Max-Level Tactical Vulcan Captain
  • Max-Level Orion Slave Girl Eye Candy Klingon Engineering Captain

  • Dabbling in Foundry to create missions and playing other people Foundry missions mostly… and fiddling with my DOFF’s!

Lord of the Ring Online

  • Level 58 Captain – Poor guy… I haven’t felt the Lotro bug in a month or so… he’ll be max level one of these days… maybe


  • Level 31 Battle War Mage (throwing lighting and hitting people with a 2 handed axe) – I really need to get back before I forget where I’m at in the storyline and need to restart (wouldn’t be the first time I did that in a game either)
Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Level 4 Dwarf Tanky guy – A few of us have a Tuesday Night group that attempts to get together with various levels of success.  Haven’t played much other than on Tuesday nights though so lots to learn.

Guild Wars

  • Max Level Dervish – Currently 6/30 in HoM.  Just about finished with Nightfall, which is sadly the first campaign I’ll have finished in Guild Wars.  8 characters who have all been abandoned or left here and there over the years.  Trying for 30/50 prior to GW2 launch.

Red Dead Redemption on Xbox

  • Did first few missions and then saved and started shooting everyone I could find.  Keep meaning to really sit down and play it but never have the time.

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions on PS3

  • Maybe 50% done.  Was fun but other things are more fun at the moment.  Hopefully I get back to it while the plot is still vaguely in my head.  Otherwise I’ll either have to restart <sigh> or just put it on the pile of games that never get finished (and that pile is rather embarrassing already)

4 responses to “Current Nerd Time

  1. I bought Nightfall after it had come out and it was the first campaign I’d gotten. After that, I bought the others and the addon. Nightfall was also the first campaign I ever finished… and it’s still my favourite! 🙂

    Good luck on your HoM points! 🙂

    • Yeah, Nightfall was definitely my favorite as well. The final boss fight felt far more epic than either of the other campaigns. Thanks for the luck… I’m getting to most of the expensive and grindy points now, so I’ll probably need it!

      • I’m just writing an entry about that. ^^ I reached 30 HoM points two days ago, but I wouldn’t have gotten them without the financial (ingame, of course) help from my boyfriend who was far more patient with trading than I was.

        I had a lot of problems with Grand Court of Sebelkeh. Back when we could only have 3 heroes with us and take the NPCs for the rest. I prefer playing without others… 😉 still, once I finally beat that mission, I was really happy! Haven’t encountered anything like that outside of Nightfall.

      • I actually breezed through that mission. The one that gave me fits was getting the bonus in Jenner’s Horde. I’d miss a random wave or aggro too many groups.

        Huge congratulations on hitting 30! If I can manage to get fully awake I am going to run Sorrow’s Forge tonight and get my Black Moa chick which between that and trophy for Sorrow’s Forge will get me to 17/30!

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